TDA2822M 2.0 Stereo Audio Amplifier Board Dual Channel AMP AUX Amplifier Board Module Volume Control Switch DC 1.8-12V for Home Theater

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1.Supply voltage: DC 1.8-12V

2.Output Power: 0.1W-5W ;4-32 Ohms

3.Dimensions: 52 x 31 x 23mm (L*W*H)

4.Input Interface: 3.5mm Audio input

5.Adjust form: volume adjustment

6.Using TDA2822M acts as amplifier chip, this chip best developed dual-channel monolithic power amplifier IC, usually in the pocket cassette player (WALKMAN), tape recorders and multimedia speaker in for the audio amplifier.

7.Simple circuit, good sound quality and wide voltage range

 Package Included: 1 x TDA2822M Stereo Audio Amplifier Board

Directions for use:
1. Connect speakers
The speaker two thread ends at the end of the line is connected to  the amplifier board audio output port, left sound channel the positive line connect power amplifier board LOUT port, the cathode connect  to GND. Right track the positive line power amplifier board the ROUT of port,  the cathode connect to GND.

2. Connect audio source
Use a 2 core audio line, connected to the amplifier board of 3 p audio  input, connect the other side of the audio line plug to sound source  (such as computers, mobile phones, MP3, DVD, etc.)

3. Connect the power supply
Use 1.8-12 v dc output of the power adapter/battery/charging etc all can treasure.Will two dc power cord is connected to the amplifier  board  2 p power source port, the positive line to VCC, negative to GND, the connection is important to make clear is negative, not blindly wiring,  if meet the could seize power amplifier board.

4. Play music
Put through power supply, amplifier board into working state;You can the befond of according to oneself to adjust the volume knob, you can enjoy the magical glamour of Fuji eagle amplifier board.

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