TTP229 16-Channel Capacitive Touch PAD Sensor Switch Sensing Detector Module

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The TTP229 is capacitive sensing design specifically for touch pad controls. The device built in rTTP229 Touch sensoregulator for touch sensor. Stable sensing method can cover diversity conditions. Human interfaces control panel links through non-conductive dielectric material. The main application is focused at replacing of the mechanical switch or button. The ASSP can independently handle the 16 touch pads with 16 direct output pins.

Product description:

  1. Onboard TTP229 capacitive 16 key touch induction IC
  2. Onboard power light
  3. Working voltage: 2.4 V to 2.4 V
  4. Modules, you can set the output mode, key output mode, the longest time and fast/low power output
  5. PCB board size: 49.3 (mm) x64.5 (mm)


Package Included:
1x TTP229 Switch Touch sensor

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