Infrared obstacle avoidance sensor module Tracing Module electrcal sensor for Arduino Robot project

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Infrared obstacle avoidance sensor module Tracing Module electrcal sensor for Arduino Robot project

Module description:Infrared obstacle avoidance

The sensor module on environment light adapted capacity strong, its has pair infra-red launches and receives tube, launches tube launches out must frequency of infra-red, dang detection direction encountered obstacles real (reflection surface) Shi, infra-red reflection back was receives tube receives, after compared device circuit processing zhihou, green indicates Lantern bright up, while signal output interface output digital signal (a low level signal), can through potentiometer knob regulation detection distance, effective distance range 2~30cm, work voltage for 3.3V-5V. The sensor’s detection range can be adjusted by potentiometer, with little interference, easy to assemble, easy to use features, can be widely used in car robot obstacle avoidance, obstacle avoidance, line count, and black and white line trail and many other occasions.
Module specifications:

  1. if the module detects obstacles ahead signal, the Green led is lit on the circuit board level and OUT port output low level signals, the module detects the distance 2~30cm, detection angle of 35 °, detection range can be adjusted through potentiometer clockwise adjustment potentiometer, sensing distance increases; counterclockwise adjustment potentiometer, detection range reduction.
  2. sensor active infrared reflection detection, so the reflectivity and shape is the key to detection distance. Black detection distance, white most small objects from small and large distances.
  3. Sensor output OUT can be connected directly to the monolithic integrated circuit IO mouth, or you can directly drive a 5V Relay connection: VCC-VCC; GND-GND;OUT-IO
  4. Comparator LM393, stable;
  5. 3-5V DC power supply module can be used for power supply. When the power is switched on, the red power led is lit;
  6. 3mm of screw holes for easy fixing, installing;
  7. Board size: 3.2CM*1.4CM
  8. each module is shipped already compare the threshold voltage potentiometer to regulate well, non-exceptional circumstances, do not adjust the potentiometer.


Module interface description

  • External 3.3V-5V 1 VCC voltage (directly with the 5V microcontroller and 3.3V connected to the microcontroller)
  • Add-ins 2 GND GND
  • OUT small-plate digital output interface (0 and 1)
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