HXJ8002 mini amplifier module audio amplifier module

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HXJ8002 mini amplifier module audio amplifier moduleAudio_Amplifier_Module-HXJ8002

  1. onboard HXJ8002 single channel 3W, BTL audio power amplifier chip bridge
  2. working voltage :2.0-5 .5 V
  3. Standby current: 0.6uA (typical value)
  4. the input signal is a frequency of 1kHz, 8Ω loads, average output power of 1W condition, the maximum distortion of 0.5%
  5. the THD + D <10%, while the frequency of the input 1KHZ under different load conditions the output power (typical): 3W (load 3Ω); 2.5W (load 4Ω); 1.5W (load 8Ω)
  6. board size: 19.8 (mm) x14.2 (mm)
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