ESP-12F (ESP-12E upgrade) ESP8266 remote serial Port WIFI wireless module

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ESP-12F (ESP-12E upgrade) ESP8266 remote serial Port WIFI wireless module

ESP8266-12 is an enhanced version of the ESP8266-12F, improve the peripheral circuit, the four laminates plate process, enhanced impedance matching, signal output is better, whether it is stable or anti jamming ability, PCB antenna after professional laboratory testing, perfect matching, after ROHS certification, have been greatly improved! For users before choosing ESP-12, even if the product has not been made, the enhanced version is fully compatible with the firmware before the ESP-12, based on the SPI and the new six IO port, mouth extraction, development is more convenient, more widely used!

Product Description:esp 12f-500x500

  1. Breakthrough design, there are new breakthroughs, based on ESP-12E.
  2. The new four-layer board design.
  3. The new revision antenna RF performance optimization, communication distance is increased by 30% -50% compared to ESP-12E
  4. Semi-hole chip technology, the whole IO leads, with metal shielding shell
  5. Passed FCC & CE & RoHS certification
  6. Built-board PCB antenna
  7. 4M bytes SPI Flash for programming.


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