EasyDriver Stepper Motor Driver V44 A3967

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Step into motor usually defines has step from corner or step number parameter, General of motor a go are is is divided into 200 step, is step from corner for 1.8 degrees, EasyDriver has step from subdivision features, this paragraph drive Board of fine is divided into 8 subdivision, is will motor of each step again fine is divided into 8 step, such can can get more precise of control, that is EasyDriver needs 1600 step to completed a full of 360 degrees rotating.Stepper Motor A3967

  • Ms1 and MS2 is a stepping motor subdivision resolution selection logic input port;
  • Dir is the choosing of motor operation;
  • Reset to reset the chip initializer and block all external output;
  • Step pulse input ports;
  • Out1a, out1b, out2a, and out2b into two h bridge on the output port;
  • Enable to enable;
  • Sleep sleep mode;
  • Sense1, sense2 for h-bridge current detecting resistors;
  • REF is the reference voltage;
  • GND for logic and power;
  • RC1, RC2 for the h-bridge is a fixed deadline for analog inputs.

A3967slb is United States Allegro produced micro-step PWM constant current control of two-phase stepping motor driven dedicated drive. Its operating voltage up to 30v, current up to 750ma, one a3967slb driving a two phase stepping motor enables 8 subdivision driving. Chip internal PWM current control circuit can be set through PFD voltage for slow and fast, mixing three current decay modes, if the PFD-side voltage is higher than 0.6vdd, slow decay mode is selected. Below the 0.21vdd, fast decay mode is selected. Mixed decay modes between the two. In addition, a3967slb provides perfect protection measures, including the transient voltage, overheat protection, preventing current passthrough, under-voltage lock function.
A3967slb and does not require additional interface circuitry between the microprocessor, the chip-production easystepper Interface, 8 control lines was reduced 2 (step size and direction), you simply enter the control pulses for stepper motor, embedded converters for stepping motor control can be achieved.
A3967slb need a few resistors and capacitors to adjust its parameters throughout the driving circuit is very simple.

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