DC 24V Switching Power Supply 5A Power Supply Switching Power AC 110V 220V To DC 24V

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High price-effective, reliability with industry standards.
Built-in over voltage, over current, and short circuit protection.
PWM design, make sure the stability and high efficiency of power supply.
Anti-jamming, passed EMC test, wave less than 20MV.
Constant voltage output, assume stable power supply for Led lightings to reach long lifetime.


Type:Switching Power Supply
Main Material:Metal+Electronic Parts
Main Color:Silver (As pictures show)
Input Voltage:AC 110/220V±15%, 50/60Hz
Output Voltage&Output Current& Output Power : DC 24V 5A 120W

Working Temperature:0~60 degree Celsius
Storage Temperature:-20~60 degree Celsius
Ambient Humidity:0~95%RH Non-Condensation
Item Size:
Size: 5A 120W: 13cm10cm4.1cm / 5.12inch3.94inch1.61inch (LWH)
Net Weight/Item:
5A 120W: 0.293kg / 10.34oz


1. High Voltage inside,do not remove the cover.Qualified service personnel only.
2. 110V/220V is selected by switch before power on,please check the input voltage avolding damage.

L,N: AC power input
V-: DC power output –
V+: DC power output +
Vo/ADJ: Adjust the output voltage

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