4.5-60V LM2596HV DC Voltage Regulator Power Converter Step-down Module – DSN2596

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4.5-60V LM2596HV DC Voltage Regulator Power Converter  Car Charger Vehicle DIY Step-down Module 

Module Properties: non-isolated step-down module (buck)

  • -Rectifier: Non-synchronous rectificationimgo
  • -Input voltage: 4.5-60 V,
  • -Output voltage: (3-35 V) continuous adjustable (Suggest no-load debugging)
  • -Output current: rated current 2A;3A(MAX) (need to plug heat sink), if the output power is higher than 15 W, advise to add the heat sink
  • -Conversion efficiency:highest 92% (higher output voltage,higher efficiency)
  • -Static power consumption:about 6mA
  • -The most low-voltage difference: 1.5 V, because of it is buck module,to ensure stable output, please keep  minimum 1.5 V differential pressure.
  • -Working temperature: industrial (40 centigrade to + 85 centigrade)
  • -Load regulation:±1%
  • -Voltage regulation:±0.5%
  • -Dynamic response speed:5% 200 uS
  • -Short circuit protection: limit current,overheating protection but recovery automatically
  • -Output ripple: enter 12 V, output 5 V 3 A 15 mV (MAX)
  • Input 24 V, output 12 V 3 A 40 mV (MAX)
  • -Input reverse connect protection: no, please add flow protector in the input.
  • -Wiring way: welding, welding directly after add pin in PCB.
  • -Size:43.6*(L)21.5(W)*135(H)(include potentiometer).



  • -Adjustable Output Car Power
  • -Boost Charger
  • -Power for your electronic equipment
  • -Solar battery charger for electric vehicles
  • -DIY Power Supply
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