16 Channel Relay Output Board 10A/250V Relay Board Module

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16 Channel Relay Output Board 10A/250V Relay Board Module

  • With four large capacity 2200uF wave fliter capacitor, make sure enough capacity of power, at the meantime,adopts inductance wave,improve the degree of purity
  • J1,J2 as Relay Control signal interface
  • Contact: 10A/250VAC,10A 28VDC,15A 120VAC,TV-5 120VAC
  • Output:16 Channels
  • DV:28V10A/ AC:250V 10A or 120V 15A
  • Contact form:1a, 1b, 1c
  • Rated load: 10A/240VAC , 12A/120VAC ,15A/120VAC 24VDC
  • Contact resistance:<=100m (ohm)
  • Electrical life:100,000
  • Mechanical life:10,000,000
  • Coil rated voltage:3-48VDC
  • Coil power:0.36W, 0.45W
  • Coil pick-up voltage:<=75%
  • Coil drop-out voltage:>=10%
  • Ambient temperature:-25 degrees Celsius to +70 degrees Celsius
  • Coil and contacts:1500VAC/min
  • Contact and contacts:1000VAC/min
  • Insulation resistance:>=100M (ohm)
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