Cigarette Lighter Adapter Car Splitter Power Adapter USB Vehicle charger Socket with Lights For IPhone IPad Phone DVR GPS

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-Car cigarette lighter socket with 2 USB output, designing integrative and more convenient to use.
-2 USB charger output up to 5V/1.2A, suitable for cellphone, GPS, iPod, pad, etc.
-Fit for most cars DC 12V-24V cigarette lighter socket.
-Easy to install, confirm the suitable place to install, do not install in any position obstructs driving and operation of air bag.
-When the car stop operation for a long time, should take the plug out from the socket of the car to prevent the battery from being runaway.


Input voltage: 12V
Power: 120W(max)
Output voltage: 5V
Output current: 1200mA
Cable length: 50cm
Color: black/white

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