W3005 220V Digital Humidity Controller Humidity control Switch Hygrostat Hygrometer with SHT20 Humidity sensor

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Moisture range:00%~99%RH
Humidity control precision:0.1% RH
Load Power:  1500 W
Output type: Direct output – Relay
Size: 60*45*31 mm

Instructions :
Connect to power supply , display Instructions  humidity 

Set start the humidity:  Press the UP button display start the humidity , long press about 3s the  start the humidity flashing , then press the  UP or  Down adjust the  set 

Set to stop the humidity: Press the Down button display Stop the humidity , long press about 3s the Stop the humidity flashing , then press the  UP or Down adjust the  set 

Restore the factory Settings:  press the  UP and Down button at the same time , will display 888 then will Automatically detect the humidity

Package include ;

1pcs Digital Humidity Controller

1pcs SHT20 Humidity sensor

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