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PIR Infrared Motion Sensor Switch

PIR Infrared Motion Sensor Switch Human Body Induction Save Energy Motion Automatic Module Light Sensing Switch

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Voltage Current Power Watt Energy meter Gauge

Display Interface – Display voltage, current, power, energy parameters from the large-screen LCD screen simultaneously.

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TDS 3 Meter

The Digital TDS 3 Meter is for testing water quality. Use the TDS meter to check the performance of your water filter. You can also check for hardness (1 grain = 17 ppm), Also Measures the Temperature

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Electronic Components

Buy almost all type of electronic modules i.e. power supply, tehrmoelectric materials, pieroelectric materials, card readers, motor drivers and many more… Buy with confidence

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Energy / Gas / Water/ Solar Monitoring

Smappee Products

Energy monitor

Monitors real-time your electricity use, costs and standby power
Meet the world’s smartest home energy monitor. Smappee will turn your house into a smarter, more energy efficient home. It gives you real-time energy readings as well as costs and allows you to switch appliances on and off remotely. You’ll be able to control your home, wherever you are.

Gas & water monitor

Shows real-time gas and/or water consumption and alerts in case of leaks
Let’s be honest: how much do you really know about your gas and water consumption? When you consider that these account for two thirds of your energy budget, surely that’s cause for concern? From now on, you can take control – with Smappee.

Solar energy monitor

Provides real-time your electricity use, costs and the yield of your solar panels
This Smappee energy monitor has a sunny side. On top of the standard real-time energy readings and costs, the solar version shows you the yield of your solar panels. Costs and profits, at a glance!

Smappee Pro

Bringing energy monitoring and control to SMEs
Turn your sites into a smart energy network. Smappee Pro is an energy management solution that combines industrial-grade features with the ease of use and cost-efficiency of our award-winning home energy solution.
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